Seven Stories: Caroline Logan

Seven Stories is a Roaring Reads feature in which a Scottish children’s author shares some stories about their own life. This month we've been chatting to Caroline Logan, whose debut fantasy, The Stone of Destiny, had us gripped from start to finish. Her reality has been pretty exciting too! 1) NEWS STORY (What's the story... Continue Reading →

Review: the Stone of Destiny

When a woman's desperate screams break the isolation of her hideout, Ailsa steps in to defend the stranger and the wounded seal she is holding. It's a generous, instinctive act that leads the teenager into an adventure that even excellent axe skills and five years of fending for herself have done little to prepare her... Continue Reading →

Review: The Girl who Lost her Shadow

When Gail's shadow disappears on the morning of her twelfth birthday, she views its loss as just another a symptom of her life falling apart. When her troubled big sister's shadow follows, Gail is compelled to set out on a search - meeting new friends and remarkable creatures, and discovering truths about herself along the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Boy with the Butterfly Mind

Elin Watts and Jamie Lee have complicated lives. He, trying to manage his ADHD and strained relationship with his mum, and she, striving to be perfect enough to win her absent father back. When their divorced parents' new relationship forces the children to share a home, their lives intersect - and get even more complicated.... Continue Reading →

Review: the Baby Otter Rescue

We couldn't wait to get our hands on this book, the second in Michelle Sloan's Animal Adventure Club series, which follows a quartet of wildlife-loving children and their exploits helping out at the local nature reserve. In The Baby Otter Rescue, floods are causing upheaval around Pittendooey and changing everyone's plans, but it is still... Continue Reading →

Review: Sticker Atlas of Scotland

The Roaring Reads gang are long-time fans of sticker books, so we were keen to get started on Benedict Blathwayt's Sticker Atlas of Scotland, which proved an ideal next step for a slightly older child who still enjoys that format. The idea is to attach each sticker, which pictures a highlight of the region, to... Continue Reading →

Review: Girl in a Cage

When her father, Robert the Bruce, is crowned King of Scotland, 11-year-old Marjorie becomes a princess – a title that brings attention and danger from the outset. As the Scottish king's heir, Marjorie is an obvious target for the English monarch, Edward Longshanks. In this young adult novel, his forces capture her and seek to... Continue Reading →

Review: Eagle Warrior

Bobbie and her Granny share a love of the hills and the wildlife that surround their family farm, so they are thrilled when a golden eagle appears nearby. However, their enthusiasm is not shared by the local Duke and his gamekeeper, who see the eagles as a threat to the estate's income. When Granny's dog,... Continue Reading →

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