Q&A: Joan Haig introduces Stay at Home!

Stay at Home! is a collection of new writing for children by many of Scotland's best-known authors, such as Pamela Butchart, Chae Strathie and Lindsay Littleson. It's packed with lockdown-inspired poems, pictures, and stories, and it's available for free! The anthology was the brainchild of Joan Haig (author of the brilliant Tiger Skin Rug) and... Continue Reading →

Review: How Billy Hippo Learned his Colours

Billy Hippo wants to get his dad a pink birthday present, but there is a problem with his plan... Billy hasn't learned his colours yet, and isn't sure quite what 'pink' looks like. A hint from his sister sends the little hippo off in search of flowers that he hopes might be pink, but, with... Continue Reading →

Review: The House of Hidden Wonders

A spooky detective story set in the tunnels beneath 19th century Edinburgh, this book had us enchanted from the blurb - and it didn't disappoint. Zinnie is a street child with a quick wit and even quicker feet, who is devoted to her 'sisters' Sadie and Nell. She earns money to feed them by helping... Continue Reading →

Review: Chatterbox Champions

Activity cards with a focus on the 'active', Chatterbox Champions are packed with quick ideas to keep the little ones engaged and to help develop their vocabulary, listening and pre-reading skills. We received this set before we knew that the coronavirus crisis would keep us at home, and have had fun using the cards both... Continue Reading →

Review: Molly’s Circus

A story about glorious chaos that will resonate with parents as much as their little ones (especially those home-schooling at the moment) Molly's Circus follows a little girl on a tour of the circus that she envisions in her garden. In few words, and with images bursting with energy, we follow Molly as she transforms... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Lari Don

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life. This month we meet Lari Don. We were enchanted by her new book, The Legend of the First Unicorn, and wanted to find out more about the stories behind it. 1) NEWS STORY: (What's the story... Continue Reading →

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