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We are bigger than this now, and the books are starting to get smaller – but our floor looks pretty much the same.

Welcome to Roaring Reads, our family’s book blog. Our aim is to review and celebrate the best new Scottish books for children.

Because we live in the Highlands, and because great Scottish books often get missed out of UK coverage, our focus is mostly on stories published here, by Scottish authors and illustrators, or with a Scottish theme.

Having a regional focus also helps us to keep the number of books we cover to a manageable level – but that doesn’t mean we don’t read and enjoy lots of other stories too.

We love all sorts of kids books, but mostly read those aimed at children of primary school age. We get really excited about fabulous books for children who are beginning to read by themselves (why aren’t there more of these?) and enjoy mystery stories, stories about the natural world, and magical journeys (especially with dragons) to name a few. We’ve discovered some amazing non-fiction recently too.

Mum (Louisa) does the typing, but we always tell her exactly what we think, and sometimes the little Roaring Readers write/record bits too.

If you have some book news to share, would like us to review your book, or would be interested in contributing a review or article, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch via @roaringreads on twitter.

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