Review: After the War – from Auschwitz to Ambleside

In the concluding notes of After the War, Tom Palmer observes that this was a difficult book to write. It is a difficult book to read too - not for the language, which is as clear as you expect from this author and publisher - but because of the enormity of the events it explores... Continue Reading →

Review: It’s a No Money Day

This is a remarkable book that draws attention to a bleak situation, yet still resonates with kindness, love, and even a little fun. A child's experience of visiting a food bank might not be the most obvious topic for a picture book, but - though we might wish otherwise - it is a relevant and... Continue Reading →

Review: the Girl who Stole the Stars

A picture book with both sparkle and heart, The Girl who Stole the Stars is the debut from Highland author-illustrator Corrina Campbell. When a little girl's wish for a magical ladder comes true, she uses it to reach all the way to the stars. She takes one star, and then another, and another, until all... Continue Reading →

Review: the Acrobats of Agra

You might expect it from a story about circus performers, but the Arcrobats of Agra really does convey the tension, terror and thrill of the high wire, from its first line to the last. Set in India in 1857, the story follows three children from different corners of the world as they travel through a... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Robin Scott-Elliot

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life and work. Today, we meet Robin Scott-Elliot. Bravery against the odds is a theme in both of his novels, and now we know that he can be on the daring side himself! News story: what is... Continue Reading →

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