Review: Henny is Stuck

Henny is a little chick with a big problem - she’s still half-stuck inside her egg. As the hatched chicks around her begin to play and explore, Henny toddles along too, but though her wings and legs are free, the shell she is trapped in slows her down and marks her out as different. Henny’s... Continue Reading →

Review: Rivet Boy

The story of one boy’s role in the construction of the iconic Forth Bridge, Rivet Boy really is (sorry, couldn’t resist) a riveting read.  Like the technology that adds vibrant colour to tattered black and white photos, the story brings Victorian Scotland to life and reminds us that this still-admired feat of engineering was a... Continue Reading →

Barbara Henderson’s Research Log

Rivet Boy is the new book from children's writer Barbara Henderson, our favourite author of Scottish historical fiction. It is set in the 1880s during the construction of the Forth Bridge. Barbara's books always have the ring of truth that comes from thorough research, and Rivet Boy is an exceptional story bursting with factual gems.... Continue Reading →

Review: Maisie the Mountain Hare

Maisie is a young mountain hare doing her best to survive in the Highland hills. Confident that her grey-brown fur will provide camouflage, she and her brother venture out exploring - and meet Thomas the ptarmigan, another moorland creature who loves to play hide and seek. With winter on the way, the animals’ coats turn... Continue Reading →

Review: Haarville

Haarville is a seaside town like no other. It is misty, murky, and almost completely cut-off from the outside world. While the unappetising menu (limpet buns, anyone?) and cast of undesirable locals might be off-putting for some, for orphan Manx Fearty, it is home. Despite a lack of contact with the outside world, Haarville functions... Continue Reading →

Review: Hello Scottish Birds

A beautiful wildlife book aimed at the very youngest readers, Hello Scottish Birds is a perfect partner to Hello Scottish Animals and an engaging introduction to some of our most famous - and fabulous - feathered friends. It introduces Scotland’s iconic bird species with bold, accurate, but characterful drawings and a catchy, easy-to join-in-with refrain... Continue Reading →

Review: the Broken Dragon

Tyra loves dragons, and she’s loving starting a new life with her Nanna - but she’s not so sure about starting a new school, especially when she wonders how her classmates might react to her loud and bouncy personality.  When Tyra accidentally smashes her ‘first day’ gift from Nanna - a beautiful china snow dragon... Continue Reading →

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