Review: Black Water

There is a lot to be said for a powerful title, and Barbara Henderson's new novella has that and much more. The words “Black Water” capture the essence of the dark, dangerous Solway Firth smuggling scene, and captured this reader's curiosity from the outset. The story follows Henry, a 13-year-old apprentice exciseman, who is trying... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How Barbara Henderson researched Scotland’s Smuggling Story

Being a children's author isn't always about making up stories in your head. Sometimes, it's about researching a subject so that you know it inside out, then sharing that knowledge in a way that excites and inspires young readers. Barbara Henderson is a maestro when it comes to this particular skill, and we're delighted that... Continue Reading →

Review: the Star in the Forest

This is a beautiful picture book, with a beautiful message - that there is wonder to be appreciated everywhere - to match. Maisie and Pip have arrived at their grandparents' cottage for a holiday, but it's already dark and while Pip is happy to watch the stars appear, Maisie yearns for action. When excitement arrives in... Continue Reading →

Review: the Great Clown Conundrum

This is the second in Alexander McCall Smith's circus series for younger readers, and it matches the sparkle of the first, with family fun, high wire excitement, and a delightful dose of mystery. Billy, Fern and Joe Shortbread are circus children whose lives as performers are bound to be the envy of readers, especially when... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Caroline Logan

Seven Stories is a Roaring Reads feature in which a Scottish children’s author shares some stories about their own life. This month we've been chatting to Caroline Logan, whose debut fantasy, The Stone of Destiny, had us gripped from start to finish. Her reality has been pretty exciting too! 1) NEWS STORY (What's the story... Continue Reading →

Review: the Stone of Destiny

When a woman's desperate screams break the isolation of her hideout, Ailsa steps in to defend the stranger and the wounded seal she is holding. It's a generous, instinctive act that leads the teenager into an adventure that even excellent axe skills and five years of fending for herself have done little to prepare her... Continue Reading →

Review: The Girl who Lost her Shadow

When Gail's shadow disappears on the morning of her twelfth birthday, she views its loss as just another a symptom of her life falling apart. When her troubled big sister's shadow follows, Gail is compelled to set out on a search - meeting new friends and remarkable creatures, and discovering truths about herself along the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Boy with the Butterfly Mind

Elin Watts and Jamie Lee have complicated lives. He, trying to manage his ADHD and strained relationship with his mum, and she, striving to be perfect enough to win her absent father back. When their divorced parents' new relationship forces the children to share a home, their lives intersect - and get even more complicated.... Continue Reading →

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