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childintreeWhen we started Roaring Reads last year, it was as a hobby for our family to share (particularly the reading and reviewing part). We also wanted it to be a way for us to do a little bit of good, so we have decided to make Mary’s Meals our Roaring Reads charity.

As a thank you for the books that we are gifted, we make a regular donation to Mary’s Meals.

The Roaring Reads kids are really lucky when it comes to books – we get books for birthdays and Christmas, we borrow them from our brilliant local library, and sometimes we get them just because (just because mum has no will power).

Now that we do Roaring Reads we are extra lucky, because sometimes we get ARC (advanced review copy) books, which means we get to read them before they are in the shops. This feels extra special and WE LOVE IT!

But, there are still millions of children all over the world who don’t go to school, so never get the chance to learn to read – not only so they can enjoy books like we do, but to be able access the opportunities that being able to read and write can bring.

Mary's Meals in Zambia (1)
Children in Zambia who receive Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is an incredible international charity, based near us in Scotland, that provides children in some of the world’s poorest countries with a meal every day in school. We’ve chosen to support them because this one meal makes a huge difference. It gives children a reason to go to lessons and ensures that they get essential nutrition, so that they can concentrate on learning.

It’s not exaggerating to say that receiving Mary’s Meals can completely turn a child’s life around. In fact there are many, many children, and now young adults, who will say that it did exactly that (watch this brilliant video for some of their stories).

Another amazing thing about Mary’s Meals is that, because they keep admin costs low and serve children locally sourced food, prepared by local volunteers, they make a big difference with not a lot of money. As of January 2023, it costs Mary’s Meals just £19.15 to feed a child in school for a whole year.

Watch the video above, or go to to donate/find out more.

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