Review: Tiger Skin Rug

We were swept away by Tiger Skin Rug - a magical adventure that carries its readers between cultures and continents, and has concern for conservation at its core. Cricket-loving Lal and his little brother Dilip are from India, and they are not at all impressed with their new home in Scotland. They don't like the... Continue Reading →

Junior Review: Five Ways to Make a Friend

We enjoyed this new-school story about Ella, who struggles to fit in with the in-crowd, and resorts to a guidebook: 'Five Ways to Make a Friend' for tips. The advice in Ella's book is less than brilliant, but following it propels her into some entertaining situations, and towards some important realisations. Five Ways to Make... Continue Reading →

Review: Willow the Wildcat

A few weeks back, we were wondering where we could find a good story about Scottish wildcats. Then this landed on the doormat - and the wildlife fanatics in our house are delighted. Lynne Rickards & Kirsteen Harris-Jones' new picture book follows the adventures of Willow and Corrie, two squabbling wildcat kittens whose lives are... Continue Reading →

Review: The Blue Hare

With its focus on a pair of long-eared siblings fleeing incomprehensible horror, it feels natural to draw comparison between The Blue Hare and Richard Adams' Watership Down, but while Hugh Webster's recent book shares empathy for wildlife and an eye for nature's details with that classic, it is slimmer and faster- paced - and shines... Continue Reading →

Review: Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf

We don't think there are enough great stories out there for younger middle-grade readers, so after tearing through his first book, we were excited to get our claws into Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf, the second in Justin Davies series about Alice, a girl coming to terms with her special powers, and the gang of... Continue Reading →

Review: An Island Tail

Wee Shona the stray cat is forced to move on when the tin roof flies off her dilapidated shed in a storm. While she searches for a new place to live, her friends Angus and Tam are searching for her – but will they be able to help when they finally track her down? An... Continue Reading →

Review: Callum and the Mountain

Young Calum's life takes a strange turn when his school explodes before his eyes. What's even stranger, is that he thinks his presence may have had something to do with it. The school's closure means an early start to the summer holidays, so Callum and his three best friends have time to enjoy their west... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Alan McClure

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life. This month we meet Alan McClure, whose debut, Callum and the Mountain, revels in the greatness of our Great Outdoors. We loved exploring his fantastical world, and couldn’t wait to find out what inspired it. 1)... Continue Reading →

Fine Nine: our books of 2019

There are nine days to go until Christmas, so today we are picking our nine favourite Scottish children's titles of 2019. Just for fun, each is reviewed below in nine words (which wasn't quite the time-saver intended). We hope you enjoy our quick celebration of a wonderful year for children's books, from our corner of... Continue Reading →

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