Review: the Cauldron of Life

The Stone of Destiny was one of our favourite reads of 2019, so we couldn't wait to rejoin Ailsa and her selkie friends Harris and Iona for the next instalment in this epic Celtic fantasy. Struggling to master her new powers, Ailsa sets off across Eilanmor on a mission to rescue Harris from the faerie... Continue Reading →

Review: the Girl who Stole the Stars

A picture book with both sparkle and heart, The Girl who Stole the Stars is the debut from Highland author-illustrator Corrina Campbell. When a little girl's wish for a magical ladder comes true, she uses it to reach all the way to the stars. She takes one star, and then another, and another, until all... Continue Reading →

Review: Strange Visitor

A deliciously spooky story with its roots in a Scots folk tale, Strange Visitor is just the graphic novel we needed to add some shivers to our Halloween story-time. Written by Renita Boyle, with gothic-style illustrations by Mike Abel, the rhyming story features a lonely old lady, spending a quiet evening sipping tea and rocking... Continue Reading →

Review: the Otherwhere Emporium

This is the final instalment of Ross MacKenzie's enchanting trilogy about a magical shop and the wonderful worlds within. It sees the Nowhere Emporium's globe-trotting black brickwork return to Glasgow, where a mother and daughter step through its door, and find their fates as closely entwined with the Book of Wonders as Daniel Holmes once... Continue Reading →

Review: Corrie’s Curling Capers

The latest in Alison Page's collection about the adventures of an adorable wee West Highland Terrier, Corrie's Curling Capers sees Corrie try her hand at a new sport. This Scottish-themed adventure blends history, culture and competition, as the celebrity Westie learns about her ancestors' experience of the Highland Clearances and gives her Canadian relatives a... Continue Reading →

Review: Inch and Grub

The story of two cavemen who are determined to out-do each other, Inch and Grub was an instant hit in our house. This long-haired duo's contest begins when they start comparing their similarly-basic caves, then they compete with fire, furniture and (in a quick dash through history) pile up carriages, cars, rockets and mobile phones,... Continue Reading →

Review: An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland

You could spend hours just gazing at this book's enticing endpapers - but it gets even better inside. Perfectly pitched to engage the youngest of wildlife-lovers, An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland is packed with facts that will fascinate and surprise readers - whatever their age. For example, did you know that limpet's teeth are... Continue Reading →

Review: Whit of Whiteleys Wood

This is the story of a little long-eared owl who longs to master the art of flying. Whit tries and tries, but when a practice flight goes badly wrong, she will need both practical help and encouragement from her friends Miss Mouse, Mole and Fox. A gently rhyming story filled with read-along words, endearing characters... Continue Reading →

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