Review: the Spear of Truth

The Four Treasures is an epic fantasy series which follows changeling Ailsa MacAra and her friends as they battle to save the magical kingdom of Eilanmor from dark forces. In the Spear of Truth, we reach its climax and finally learn if our damaged heroes have what it takes to save their enchanted world.  If... Continue Reading →

Review: Scotland’s Kings and Queens

From the origins of the Stone of Destiny, to a gentler view of Lady MacBeth and insight into the interests of James IV, this book opens up Scotland’s past through the power of story - and beckons to us to explore the treasures within.  Covering a timeline of well over a thousand years, Illustrated Legends... Continue Reading →

Review: Corrie’s Library Capers

Minerva is the mobile library who tours the Isle of Arran, bringing her stories to residents old and young, who can’t get to the island’s main library at Brodick. When Orla the owl librarian makes plans for a holiday, Corrie, a cute and community-minded West Highland terrier, is on hand to offer her help -... Continue Reading →

Review: Autumn Moonbeam Dance Magic

Autumn Moonbeam loves dancing and gymnastics so much that she even gets out of bed with a cartwheel. That might not seem unusual for an enthusiastic eight-year-old, but when Autumn cartwheels, she leaves a trail of yellow swirls of light behind her, and when she boogies, butterflies flutter around her hands. Perfectly aimed at those... Continue Reading →

Review: The boy who Rescued a Rainbow

Like a rainbow transforming a grey afternoon, this beguiling picture book brought a sense of wonder to our week.  At first reading, the Boy who Rescued a Rainbow feels like an adventure story. We meet a boy (George) who is strong and brave, and fearlessly tackles everything from oceans and mountains to a deadly dragon... Continue Reading →

Review: Happy Sad

When Toby finds a mermaid stranded in a rockpool, he wants to help, so takes her to stay with his family.  He does everything he can to make sure that she feels at home, from giving her the paddling pool (even adding salt to the water) to singing to her and rocking her to sleep... Continue Reading →

Review: the Colourful Moo

A moo is surely the very essence of a coo, so life is tricky for Sue the Highland cow, who - despite a whole host of surprises - simply can’t muster one. From suffering through a storm, to slipping on a cow pat and being buried in a snowdrift, it seems that nothing can shock... Continue Reading →

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