Seven Stories: Alan McClure

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life. This month we meet Alan McClure, whose debut, Callum and the Mountain, revels in the greatness of our Great Outdoors. We loved exploring his fantastical world, and couldn’t wait to find out what inspired it. 1)... Continue Reading →

Fine Nine: our books of 2019

There are nine days to go until Christmas, so today we are picking our nine favourite Scottish children's titles of 2019. Just for fun, each is reviewed below in nine words (which wasn't quite the time-saver intended). We hope you enjoy our quick celebration of a wonderful year for children's books, from our corner of... Continue Reading →

Review: It’s a No Money Day

This is a remarkable book that draws attention to a bleak situation, yet still resonates with kindness, love, and even a little fun. A child's experience of visiting a food bank might not be the most obvious topic for a picture book, but - though we might wish otherwise - it is a relevant and... Continue Reading →

Review: Black Water

There is a lot to be said for a powerful title, and Barbara Henderson's new novella has that and much more. The words “Black Water” capture the essence of the dark, dangerous Solway Firth smuggling scene, and captured this reader's curiosity from the outset. The story follows Henry, a 13-year-old apprentice exciseman, who is trying... Continue Reading →

Review: the Star in the Forest

This is a beautiful picture book, with a beautiful message - that there is wonder to be appreciated everywhere - to match. Maisie and Pip have arrived at their grandparents' cottage for a holiday, but it's already dark and while Pip is happy to watch the stars appear, Maisie yearns for action. When excitement arrives in... Continue Reading →

Review: the Great Clown Conundrum

This is the second in Alexander McCall Smith's circus series for younger readers, and it matches the sparkle of the first, with family fun, high wire excitement, and a delightful dose of mystery. Billy, Fern and Joe Shortbread are circus children whose lives as performers are bound to be the envy of readers, especially when... Continue Reading →

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