Review: Chatterbox Champions

Activity cards with a focus on the 'active', Chatterbox Champions are packed with quick ideas to keep the little ones engaged and to help develop their vocabulary, listening and pre-reading skills. We received this set before we knew that the coronavirus crisis would keep us at home, and have had fun using the cards both... Continue Reading →

Review: Molly’s Circus

A story about glorious chaos that will resonate with parents as much as their little ones (especially those home-schooling at the moment) Molly's Circus follows a little girl on a tour of the circus that she envisions in her garden. In few words, and with images bursting with energy, we follow Molly as she transforms... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Lari Don

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life. This month we meet Lari Don. We were enchanted by her new book, The Legend of the First Unicorn, and wanted to find out more about the stories behind it. 1) NEWS STORY: (What's the story... Continue Reading →

Review: Tiger Skin Rug

We were swept away by Tiger Skin Rug - a magical adventure that carries its readers between cultures and continents, and has concern for conservation at its core. Cricket-loving Lal and his little brother Dilip are from India, and they are not at all impressed with their new home in Scotland. They don't like the... Continue Reading →

Junior Review: Five Ways to Make a Friend

We enjoyed this new-school story about Ella, who struggles to fit in with the in-crowd, and resorts to a guidebook: 'Five Ways to Make a Friend' for tips. The advice in Ella's book is less than brilliant, but following it propels her into some entertaining situations, and towards some important realisations. Five Ways to Make... Continue Reading →

Review: Willow the Wildcat

A few weeks back, we were wondering where we could find a good story about Scottish wildcats. Then this landed on the doormat - and the wildlife fanatics in our house are delighted. Lynne Rickards & Kirsteen Harris-Jones' new picture book follows the adventures of Willow and Corrie, two squabbling wildcat kittens whose lives are... Continue Reading →

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