Review: Scotland then and Now

This clever book is the perfect introduction to Scottish history for little ones who are beginning to understand that the world around them is different – but not that different – from in the past.

Each section takes the reader to an iconic historic site, showing schools and families exploring it today, then – when the flaps are open – it reveals the same site, reimagined in its heyday.

We enjoyed travelling to destinations including Skara Brae, the Antonine Wall, and Urquhart Castle, and meeting Vikings, Romans and Robert the Bruce’s soldiers, and had fun spotting parallels between children playing in the past and the present.  

As well as being an ideal companion for a real-life visit, this was an excellent conversation starter – it reminded us of the historic treasure on our doorstep. And of course, we loved finding the one character who was as much a feature of the Loch Ness of days gone by as she is today.

Little Explorers: Scotland Then and Now (Kelpies)

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