Review: One Button Benny and the Dinosaur Dilemma

Benny is a special robot, with a special red button that can do amazing things. The only problem is – it only works in an emergency.

After taking on intergalactic cat thieves and green-bottomed aliens in previous adventures, Benny seems to be having an easier week, with lots of robot dancing and no sign of any emergencies… until the boogieing goes bonkers, he falls through a crack in the earth and comes face to face with a gigantic dinosaur.

It might just be time to use that button again!

This is the third in Alan Windram and Chloe Holwill-Hunter’s award-winning picture book series. It’s full of the quirks that made earlier books stand out – funny robot speech, cool catch-phrases and characters that you can’t help rooting for, even though they are made of metal. Now, they’re joined by a friendly, flying dinosaur!

Benny’s button will be instantly recognisable to little readers who have enjoyed his other escapades, but while the red circle might be familiar, what happens after he presses it is always a surprise. This book also shows us more of Benny’s robot friends, illustrated in brilliant individual detail. Our favourite scene shows the gang’s different responses as Benny suddenly grows to be dinosaur-sized.    

Amid the silliness, there is a message too, about being open to new friendships and making an effort to include everybody. It’s another robot-dancing delight, and we suggest that you zing-zang-zoom over to your local bookshop to grab a copy!  

One Button Benny and the Dinosaur Dilemma, by Alan Windram and Chloe Holwill-Hunter 

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