Review: Scotland then and Now

This clever book is the perfect introduction to Scottish history for little ones who are beginning to understand that the world around them is different – but not that different – from in the past. Each section takes the reader to an iconic historic site, showing schools and families exploring it today, then – when... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories Q&A: Yvonne Banham

We are delighted to welcome Edinburgh-based author Yvonne Banham to Roaring Reads, for our first Q&A of 2023. Yvonne’s new book, The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores MacKenzie is a spine-tingling spooky adventure with a truly original heroine. Read on to find out more about the stories behind this story. News story: What is... Continue Reading →

Review: Euro Spies

Samia is delighted to discover that she has won a holiday to Europe, but doubt sets in as events take an unexpected turn, and she uncovers a darker side to the plans for her to tour the continent’s most celebrated cities. First, she finds that she will be travelling by Euro Metro - a secret... Continue Reading →

Review: Scotty plants a seed

Scotty the dog lives on the Isle of Mull, but thanks to his magical collar and a few unplanned words, he’s off on an adventure to visit some of the world’s most magnificent trees - and to meet those who depend on them. With his exasperated friend owl in pursuit, Scotty finds himself catapulted from... Continue Reading →

Review: Grizzly Ben

Ben loves grizzly bears, so of course he wants a live one for his birthday. When he is given a cuddly toy bear instead, his disappointment turns to something more…grizzly.   Ben is determined to teach Cuddly how to be a proper wild bear, from eating honey to catching fish and climbing trees. When none... Continue Reading →

Review: Henny is Stuck

Henny is a little chick with a big problem - she’s still half-stuck inside her egg. As the hatched chicks around her begin to play and explore, Henny toddles along too, but though her wings and legs are free, the shell she is trapped in slows her down and marks her out as different. Henny’s... Continue Reading →

Review: Rivet Boy

The story of one boy’s role in the construction of the iconic Forth Bridge, Rivet Boy really is (sorry, couldn’t resist) a riveting read.  Like the technology that adds vibrant colour to tattered black and white photos, the story brings Victorian Scotland to life and reminds us that this still-admired feat of engineering was a... Continue Reading →

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