Seven Stories: Robin Scott-Elliot

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life and work. Today, we meet Robin Scott-Elliot. Bravery against the odds is a theme in both of his novels, and now we know that he can be on the daring side himself! News story: what is... Continue Reading →

Review: the Griffin Gate

Grace is training to be a warden of the Griffin Map, fighting crime with the help of some smart teleportation technology. She's keen to put her skills to the test, but her mother thinks she's too young. When an opportunity to prove herself arises, Grace breaks the rules, and is catapulted into a complex and... Continue Reading →

Review: Sharky McShark

A bright and funny book about an unexpected friendship, Sharky McShark and the Teensy Wee Crab was a big hit in our cetacean-loving household. Sharky is a fearsome shark (with particularly fearsome eyebrows) who scares everyone in her path, and rejects thew few who dare to approach, until she finds herself in a terrifying situation... Continue Reading →

Children’s Books North: Alison Murray Q&A

We are delighted that Roaring Reads is today's stop on the Children's Books North Autumn Highlights tour, and especially excited to be welcoming Scottish author-illustrator Alison Murray, who introduces her latest picture book, Sharky McShark, below. Children’s Books North aims to connect children's book professionals living in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Scotland.... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Corrina Campbell

In our Seven Stories feature, we ask a Scottish children’s author to share some stories about their own life and work. Today, we meet author-illustrator Corrina Campbell. We were dazzled by her beautiful debut, The Girl who Stole the Stars, and knew she would be just the interviewee to bring a bit of sparkle to... Continue Reading →

Review: the Acrobats of Agra

You might expect it from a story about circus performers, but the Arcrobats of Agra really does convey the tension, terror and thrill of the high wire, from its first line to the last. Set in India in 1857, the story follows three children from different corners of the world as they travel through a... Continue Reading →

Review: STOP Max!

The first in a series aimed at helping children to manage their emotions and mental health, STOP Max! tells the story of a little rat battling big feelings, and uses the narrative to introduce young readers to some important life skills. Its Highland-based author, Den Keanie, won last year's 'Fi and Books become-an-author' competition with... Continue Reading →

Review: Jack’s Well

Today is Roaring Reads’ stop on the blog tour for Jack’s Well, by Alan McClure. After enjoying Callum and the Mountain, we couldn’t wait to jump into the latest offering from this uniquely creative author. Jack is a teenager trapped in re-hab, a six-year-old on a magical adventure, and the spoiled celebrity son of a... Continue Reading →

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