Review: Scotty plants a seed

Scotty the dog lives on the Isle of Mull, but thanks to his magical collar and a few unplanned words, he’s off on an adventure to visit some of the world’s most magnificent trees – and to meet those who depend on them.

With his exasperated friend owl in pursuit, Scotty finds himself catapulted from a Hebridean woodland to India, Brazil and East Africa, where learns about native trees, the threats they face and what can be done to protect them.

A rhyming story with plenty of humorous moments (the refrain ‘Don’t Pee on my Tree’ gets giggles every time) this book may carry its topic lightly, but the message about the impact of human actions on our forests is a powerful one.

We especially loved the character of owl and his determination to protect his friend no matter what it took, and despite his ever-depleting feathers. The illustrations beautifully contrast the calm grandeur of the trees (the banyan was our favourite) with the haphazardness of Scotty’s journey.

The admiration that Scotty and owl have for the green giants they encounter is contagious, so it is apt that the final page encourages children to take a leaf out of Scotty’s tree and plant a seed for themselves.

Scotty Plants a Seed teaches, inspires, and packs in plenty of laughs. Just the story to share with little ones on Earth Day today.

Scotty Plants a Seed, by Conn Iggulden and Lizzy Duncan (Little Door)

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