Ready, Steady, Review… Arctic Star

In our new fast feature, we recommend a terrific title in 60 words. In 1943, Frank and fellow Naval recruits join an Arctic Convoy mission to Russia – a voyage through hostile seas to a hostile port, that will test their bond to shattering point. Artful descriptions ensure that we wholly experience each sensation –... Continue Reading →

Ready, Steady, Review… Madam Squeaker

In our new, fast feature, we recommend a terrific title in 60 words or less. The tale of a little mouse who makes a big noise, Madam Squeaker delighted the Roaring Readers. We adored the quirky characters, especially the owl, and plentiful illustrations (the mice's expressions are gorgeous). The theme - everyone has a voice... Continue Reading →

Review: The Time-Thief

The first book in Patience Agbabi's Leap Cycle introduced us to Leaplings – children born on February 29th - who have the power to travel through time. Its brilliant sci-fi premise inspired lots of leap-year-related chat in our house, so were looking forward to being reunited with athletics-loving Elle and her car-crazy best friend Ben,... Continue Reading →

Review: The Chessmen Thief

The Lewis Chessmen have been enchanting those who encounter them since they were discovered on a Hebridean beach nearly 200 years ago. In her new book, Barbara Henderson channels their timeless appeal and shares it with new generation of readers, who are set to be captivated. In its own way, this story is as much... Continue Reading →

Seven Stories: Barbara Henderson

In our regular Q&A, we ask a Scottish author to share some stories about their own life. This month, we are delighted to welcome Barbara, an author with an unrivalled talent for bringing Scotland's past to life. This interview was part of the blog tour for her new book, The Chessmen Thief. It gave us... Continue Reading →

Review: Home of the Wild

This book is a rare thing: a picture book with words and illustrations which are equally beautiful. The story of a boy who rescues and cares for an abandoned fawn, it is a lyrical celebration of Scotland's landscapes and wildlife which conveys the atmosphere of its setting perfectly. As a summer unfolds, we see the... Continue Reading →

Review: the Girl with her Head in the Clouds

Sixteen-year-old Dolly Shepherd loves living life on the edge, and while her weekdays are spent working in her aunt's Ostrich Feather Emporium, one weekend she seizes a thrilling opportunity – to parachute from a hot air balloon. It the first leap in what will prove a daring, dangerous and fulfilling career. Karen McCombie's story re-imagines... Continue Reading →

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