Review: the Spear of Truth

The Four Treasures is an epic fantasy series which follows changeling Ailsa MacAra and her friends as they battle to save the magical kingdom of Eilanmor from dark forces. In the Spear of Truth, we reach its climax and finally learn if our damaged heroes have what it takes to save their enchanted world. 

If you haven’t read the first three books, The Stone of Destiny, The Cauldron of Life and the Sword of Light (click links for reviews) we really recommend them. The series is packed with jeopardy, folklore and romantic tension and set in a world that is imaginatively unique.

We have been experiencing its drama from the beginning, suffering with Ailsa, Angus and their selkie friends Iona and Harris through nail-biting cliff-hangers and near -(and beyond) death experiences, and celebrating with them as they claim their treasures and strengthen the bonds that unite them. 

We return to the story with the shadow of war over Ossiana. Ailsa and allies are flung to the far corners of the realm and running out of time to collect the last treasure – without which they cannot defeat the cabal of gods who want to wipe out the fae and enslave humanity. To make matters even worse, Malik the demon is avoiding her! 

This story delivers everything it needs to – an epic battle, lovers’ reunions and answers to Ailsa’s questions about her past – and it still manages to take us by surprise, with new revelations and some stomach-churning moments of menace.

As ever though, it is the characters who make the Four Treasures a stand-out. Ailsa and her troubles are its heart and soul, but in the Spear of Truth we also explore Eilidh’s influence and discover new depths to Harris and Angus and new complexity to Iona. Ultimately, it is the love that this found family share, and the sacrifices they make for each other, that have kept us enthralled.

The Spear of Truth, by Caroline Logan (Cranachan)

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