Review: the Cauldron of Life

The Stone of Destiny was one of our favourite reads of 2019, so we couldn’t wait to rejoin Ailsa and her selkie friends Harris and Iona for the next instalment in this epic Celtic fantasy.

Struggling to master her new powers, Ailsa sets off across Eilanmor on a mission to rescue Harris from the faerie queen and the ghastly creatures who hold him captive.

But when Ailsa’s changeling mark draws unwanted attention, she finds herself a prisoner too, and – as she gets to know her antlered keeper, Maalik – begins to question her own loyalties and priorities.

The Cauldron of Life shares the terrific pace and intricate setting that made Book One impossible to put down, and this story adds beguiling new characters and some agonising decisions to compel us to read on.

While Eileanmor’s mythical creatures, from unicorns to wolves and faeries, might feel familiar, their actions and motives are not, which adds a sense of the unpredictable to this story’s already potent blend of friendship, impossible romance and looming disaster.

The Cauldron of Life gives Four Treasures fans some answers, but it raises many more enticing questions, leaving us back exactly where we were a fortnight ago – counting down to Ailsa and her fellow warriors’ next adventure.  

The Cauldron of Life, by Caroline Logan (Cranachan)

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