Review: the Colourful Moo

A moo is surely the very essence of a coo, so life is tricky for Sue the Highland cow, who – despite a whole host of surprises – simply can’t muster one.

From suffering through a storm, to slipping on a cow pat and being buried in a snowdrift, it seems that nothing can shock or encourage silent Sue into uttering a sound – until one day something remarkable happens and she finds her voice in a beautiful way.

This warm and gentle rhyming picture book was a hit in our house, particularly with our seven-year-old, who said: “It is a lovely book and I like all the animals. I felt sorry for Sue at first and I wanted to give her a hug…but then she finds her moo and that’s my favourite bit.”

Marjorie Tait’s illustrations bring this Scottish farmyard caper vibrantly to life. We particularly enjoyed Sue’s lovely lashes and the winter scene where her horns poked out through the snow.

The Colourful Moo, by Pauline Mackay, illustrated by Marjory Tait (Ablekids Press)

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