Coming soon: Scottish children’s books 2023 (picture/chapter books)

Younger readers and their grown-ups can look forward to plenty of delights in 2023. Here are some of the most exciting picture and chapter books on the way soon from Scottish authors, illustrators and publishers.

To read our recommendations for older readers (age 8+) click here.

Maisie the Mountain Hare, by Lynn Rickards and Abigail Hookham (Kelpies)

Out February

We are already fans of this series, which introduces iconic Scottish animals through a beautifully-illustrated rhyming adventure story. From Rowan the Red Squirrel to Willow the Wildcat, now we can meet Maisie the Mountain Hare, who loves playing hide and seek with her friends. As the young hares grow, their coats turn white to help them camouflage in winter – but with no snow in sight, they face danger. 

Hello Scottish Birds, by Kate McLelland (Kelpies)

Out February

Ideal as a very first guide to local wildlife, this companion to Hello Scottish Animals introduces our most celebrated bird species, from the fast-diving gannet, to the capering capercaillie, using simple, toddler-friendly language. 

Dear Chocosaur, by Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne (Scholastic)

Out February

Join Max and T.Rex for a Choc-tastic adventure – just in time for Easter. When Max finds out that Dinosaurs normally eat twigs, stones and creepy-crawlies (Ew!) he wants them to try a tasty treat for a change, so he sends T.Rex some of his favourite sweets, chocolats and buttons to share with the other dinosaurs. But T-Rex isn’t great at sharing.

Tell me about Plants, by Emily Dodd and Chorkung (Templar)

Out March

Did you know that plants make their food from sunshine? But some plants eat bugs? A cheerfully-illustrated picture book from one of our favourite authors of non-fiction for children, this guide introduces little readers to the amazing world of plants. Packed with fascinating facts and easy-to-understand explanations. 

Henny is Stuck, by Aileen Crossley (Little Door)

Out March

Henny is a baby chick. She is sweet and fluffy just like her friends. But unlike her friends, Henny has one tiny problem. She is stuck in her shell. With loveable characters brought to life in a tale of friendship, determination and bravery, this spring-time treat is the debut for author/illustrator Aileen Crossley, whose eye-catching illustration style has been honed through her work in a lithographic print studio. 

Grizzly Ben, by Alan Dapre, illustrated by Alex Ayliffe (Little Door)

Out April

Ben loves grizzly bears so much that he wants a real one for his birthday. Instead, he gets a toy. Ben tries to teach Cuddly Bear how to eat honey, fish and climb a tree like a grizzly bear, but every time the toy bear cannot do something, Ben gets grizzly. So grizzly that he grows furry ears, a shiny black nose and a furry coat. We can’t wait for this picture book from the witty author of the Porridge the Tartan Cat series – it looks so much fun!

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Chapter Books

There’s a Beast in the Basement, by Pamela Butchart (Kelpies)

Out January

zzy and her friends overhear their head teacher talking about “missing treasure” and “running out of time”. They know this means there’s TREASURE buried in the school somewhere and that Mr Graves wants it all for himself. Chaos and mayhem reign as Izzy and her friends take on another hilarious (mis)adventure.

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case from Outer Space, by Mike Nicholson, illustrated by Mike Phillips

Out April

Some people think that museums are boring places full of glass cases, dust and stuff no one cares about: wrong! In a hidden headquarters below the exhibits there’s a gang ready to handle dangerous, spooky or just plain weird problems: the Museum Mystery Squad. In the latest addition to the popular series, someone is threatening to steal an exhibit from the brand new Outer Space zone. 

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