Review: Henny is Stuck

Henny is a little chick with a big problem – she’s still half-stuck inside her egg. As the hatched chicks around her begin to play and explore, Henny toddles along too, but though her wings and legs are free, the shell she is trapped in slows her down and marks her out as different.

Henny’s friends try to help, but not even Woodpecker’s sharp beak can crack the puzzle – and while the woodland animals are distracted trying to free her, danger (in the shape of a big, hungry fox) looms closer.  

There is a lot to love about this heart-warming debut, from its self-esteem boosting message, to charming details like the place-names (e.g. Buttercup Hill and Daisy Way) and the creatures’ huge, expressive eyes. We enjoyed the gentle humour too – when the chicks ‘put their heads together,’ they literally put their heads together.

So much of this story plays out through its illustrations, with even the woodland plants matching the mood, from daisies at the bright beginning, to a weeping willow when Henny feels sad – though that’s not for long. It takes a crisis for Henny to finally learn that the best person to help, is Henny herself.  

With its spring flowers, cracking eggs and fluffy chicks, this picture book makes an ideal Easter gift, plus it comes with adorable characters and a read-out-loud-again story that little ones will be asking for long after the last chocolate has gone!   

Henny is Stuck, by Aileen Crossley (Little Door)

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