Review: Inch and Grub

The story of two cavemen who are determined to out-do each other, Inch and Grub was an instant hit in our house.

This long-haired duo’s contest begins when they start comparing their similarly-basic caves, then they compete with fire, furniture and (in a quick dash through history) pile up carriages, cars, rockets and mobile phones, all to impress each other. Only when their gigantic collections begin to wobble, do Inch and Grub wonder if they should have done things differently.

We loved this book from our first read-through, after which the Roaring Readers demanded three repeats back-to-back, turned it into a play, then required another re-run at bed-time – and it’s so good that I didn’t even mind!

As well as laughing at their brinkmanship, we enjoyed Inch and Grub’s wonderfully expressive faces (and hair!) and had great fun doing cave-man voices and looking out for the little mice and (what we think were) wild boars. I have a hunch this book will be back on the TBR (again) pile tomorrow!

Inch and Grub: a story about Cavemen, by Alastair Chisholm and David Roberts (Walker)

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