Review: Corrie’s Curling Capers

The latest in Alison Page’s collection about the adventures of an adorable wee West Highland Terrier, Corrie’s Curling Capers sees Corrie try her hand at a new sport.

This Scottish-themed adventure blends history, culture and competition, as the celebrity Westie learns about her ancestors’ experience of the Highland Clearances and gives her Canadian relatives a tour of some of the country’s current highlights. She’s a bit nervous about opening the CCCC (Caledonian Canine Curling Club) Bonspiel, but luckily, Papa is on hand with a story to boost her confidence.

Tony van Breugel’s illustrations really capture Corrie’s sparky personality and we particularly enjoyed his pictures of the family reunion ceilidh scenes.

Like all the Corrie stories, this one is a celebration of Scotland with a lovely message – it gently encourages young readers to experience life to the full and to try their best, whatever the challenge.

Corrie’s Curling Capers, by Alison Page, illustrated by Tony van Breugel

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