Review: The Revenge of Tirpitz

The Revenge of Tirpitz 150This gripping Second World War thriller was first published in 2016 and is being re-released this year with a brighter and bolder cover, under publisher Cranachan’s new ‘Gobstopper’ imprint for young adults – giving us a perfect excuse to read it again.

Set across parallel timelines of Norway in 1944 and Shetland in 2014, Michelle Sloan’s story pivots on a real event, the bombing of the German battleship Tirpitz, and its reverberations for two teenagers – Erik, who lives through the war, and Finn, whose life in modern-day Shetland seems worlds away from it.

When, in 2014, Finn’s great-grandfather, Olde, receives a letter that threatens: ‘Tirpitz will have her revenge,’ his grandson wants to help. With little knowledge of his family history or the risks of the adventure they are embarking upon, Finn, his brother Gus, and Olde, find themselves sailing north, armed with only courage, to face hatred and greed that has been festering for seventy years.

The Revenge of Tirpitz is a page turner bursting with twists, turns, and tension – the perfect elements to enthrall even the most reticent of readers.

Along the way, it informs us about wartime espionage, everyday life under occupation, Sami reindeer herding, Nazi gold, and even Scottish old folks homes – all woven smartly together with a crackling plot that delivers action right to the end.

The Revenge of Tirpitz, by Michelle Sloan, Cranachan

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