Review: the Fairy in the Kettle gets Magical

Fairy in the kettle magical 150This is the third picture book in Pauline Tait’s enchanting series about Leona Rose, a fairy who lives in a cast iron kettle under an old oak tree.

This time, Leona and her friends are on a mission to track down their village’s lost hoard of fairy dust, before the naughty pixies can steal it and cause trouble.

With a fuchsia outfit and vibrant personality to match, Leona is an endearing heroine, and her world is beautifully realised in both the words and Debbie Bellaby’s lovely pictures. We especially enjoyed the description of the ‘warm, amber glow’ of the magic dust at work, and the lovely, but grumpy fireflies.

This is a gentle, charming book that has all the ingredients (dancing, friendship and a sprinkling of adventure) to keep little fairy fans happily spellbound.

Roaring Reads Junior Reviewer, aged 4, says: “It’s funny that she lives in a kettle. I loved it!”

The Fairy in the Kettle Gets Magical, by Pauline Tait (Silverwood)

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