Review: Princess Dangerous

We don’t get to review nearly enough books aimed at children at the start of their reading journey, so we were excited by the arrival of Princess Dangerous, which is part graphic novel, part chapter book and a great fit for those making the transition between picture books and longer stories.

The story of talented royal sisters (one of whom has a secret identity) who must put their differences aside to rescue their kidnapped baby brother, it is bursting with adventure, wit and quirky characters – and there’s a positive message about kindness too.

A mixture of a fairytale and a superhero mystery, this story has plenty to hold young readers’ attention, from plucky princesses to marvelous moustaches and even a flying bicycle. We particularly enjoyed meeting the classy troll and the carrier vultures (motto: keep calm and carrion) and we adored Princess Dangerous’ superhero outfit – especially her extra long tartan scarf.  

Individual touches like the cartoon strips and newspaper cuttings give this book an added dimension, which we enjoyed even more on a second reading. It was just the upbeat adventure we needed to brighten a grey Autumn day. 

Princess Dangerous, by Alan Grant and Abby Gray, illustrated by Shalla Gray (Curly Tale Books)

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