Review: Scaredy Bat

We love a story that turns convention on its head, and Scaredy Bat does just that – it is a picture book in which everything is a bit upside down, from the speech bubbles, to morning bedtimes, to the fact that Little Bat is scared of…the light.

Set in an atmospheric woodland where three bats (Big Bat, Middle Bat and Little Bat) live in a hollow in an Old Oak Tree, this picture book follows a sleepless Little Bat as he faces his fears and braves daylight, despite teasing and worries about a dark and shadowy Bogey Bat rumoured to lurk outside.

This lyrical, part-rhyming story is a treat to read out loud and really makes the most of its topsy-turvy premise – young children are bound to giggle at Little Bat being told: “Its getting early” and “If you don’t go to sleep you’ll be tired in the evening.”

Big-eyed Little Bat is an endearing and relatable character, and we especially enjoyed seeing him get one up on his bigger friends (you’ll have to read the book to find out how) and watching the reactions of the other beautifully-illustrated creatures, from butterflies to squirrels and blue tits.

Scaredy Bat, by Jonathan Meres, illustrated by Anders Frang (Little Door)

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