Review: How Billy Hippo Learned his Colours

Billy Hippo wants to get his dad a pink birthday present, but there is a problem with his plan… Billy hasn’t learned his colours yet, and isn’t sure quite what ‘pink’ looks like.

A hint from his sister sends the little hippo off in search of flowers that he hopes might be pink, but, with the help of an exuberant parrot, he soon learns that they can be all sorts of other colours too. Will Billy find the colour he is looking for? And how will he know when he does?

This gently funny picture book will have with particular appeal for toddlers who are learning their own colours, and will delight in watching this adorable youngster get in a muddle.

Fans of How Billy Hippo Learned to Swim (the team’s previous Billy book) will be pleased to see that the cheeky frogs are back, and once again, they steal the show.

How Billy Hippo Learned his Colours, by Vivian French and Hannah Foley (Little Door Books)

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