Review: the Star in the Forest

Books the Star in the Forest 150This is a beautiful picture book, with a beautiful message – that there is wonder to be appreciated everywhere – to match.

Maisie and Pip have arrived at their grandparents’ cottage for a holiday, but it’s already dark and while Pip is happy to watch the stars appear, Maisie yearns for action.

When excitement arrives in the form of a bright flash in the sky, the sisters head out into the dusky forest after it – but though they explore together, their approaches and experiences of their surroundings are different.

Written and illustrated by Glasgow-based artist Helen Kellock, The Star in the Forest is packed with delightful illustrations, which convey both the energy of the sisters’ moods and the enchanting nocturnal Scottish wildlife that surrounds them.

Emotions, from disappointment to excitement and joy, are at the heart of this gentle story, which makes it a perfect bedtime read for little ones who are learning to manage their own feelings too.

The Star in the Forest, by Helen Kellock (Thames and Hudson)

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