News: Kidlit podcast will have library focus

librarybooksA monthly podcast celebrating Scottish children’s libraries and stories is due to launch this summer.

Hosted by the Youth Libraries Group for Scotland (YLG), the podcast aims to raise awareness about the group’s work and to bring together those who share a passion for children’s books.

“We thought it was a good way to promote the work of the Youth Libraries Group committee, and of children’s libraries in Scotland, to a wider audience,” says committee member Clare Hemsworth. “We thought it could have an added bonus of chatting about upcoming children’s books.”

Though plans are at an early stage, topics for discussion over the first few months will include the YLG’s national conference, conversations about favourite childhood books and favourite library memories, and, in August, an Edinburgh Book Festival special.

“We want to keep it having a library focus – even when discussing new children’s books, we want to stress that you can get these books in your local library, and if a book is not available, to ask for the library to request it,” says Clare.

The group are looking for volunteers who are based in Scotland (as they hope that to meet up for recordings where possible) and have already had an enthusiastic social media response to their first call for participants – with 57 retweets, thousands of views, and students, librarians, teachers, authors and bloggers expressing interest.

“We are looking for people who are interested in children’s books and libraries,” says Clare. “Volunteers could be people working in libraries, authors, publishers, or teachers.”

  • The first podcast is due for broadcast in late June, early July.
  • Email to get involved.
  • Find out more about the Youth Libraries Group (Scotland) at @YLGScotland on twitter or via

p.s. The Roaring Reads gang think this podcast is a great idea, and can’t wait for tune in for the first one!

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