Review: Crime Squirrel Investigators – the naughty nut thief

Crime Squirrel Investigators 150This is our favourite new picture book of the year. The story of two squirrel friends who work together to solve a woodland crime, it is sweet and funny – with loads of learning packed in.

Rosie is furious when she finds that her secret nut store has been raided, so with help from her friend Charlie, she resolves to track down the thief.

Using hazelnut shells from the ‘crime scene’ as clues, the pair embark on a tour of the woods, employing some fabulous Bond-style tactics to spy on their fellow creatures in the hope of finding out which one opens hazelnuts, like the thief, by splitting the shell in half

This is the sort of story that inspires questions and hands-on investigation from little readers, and it got us heading out to look for our own outdoor evidence. Giulia Cregut’s funny and expressive illustrations were a hit too – one where the upset squirrels’ eyes well up with tears, got an ‘awww’ from us all!

In short, we’re nutty about the Crime Squirrel Investigators, and hope that Rosie and Charlie will be back to crack another case soon.

Roaring Reads’ Junior Reviewer (age 4) says: “My favourite part was when they hugged at the end. I liked the map because it showed where they got the hazelnuts from. I liked Tappy (the woodpecker) best, because he does the ‘tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, BANG’ thing. I really like the tap tap Bang!”

Crime Squirrel Investigators: the naughty nut thief, by Emily Dodd and Giulia Cregut (Little Door)

– Because we received a review copy of this book, we have made a donation of £6.99 to Mary’s Meals, so a hungry child will receive a meal a day in school for six months. Read here to find out how this works.

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