Review: The Westie Fest

Westie Fest 150The Westie Fest is a lovely picture book story featuring Corrie, an even more loveable West Highland Terrier.

It tells of Corrie’s attempts to follow in her grandfather’s paw prints and become a champion at Westie Fest, an international just-for-Westies Highland Games on the Isle of Arran. Winning and training will be a particular challenge for Corrie because, by nature, she is a little bit lazy.

This joyful wee book was an immediate hit in our house, particularly as the children loved identifying elements that they recognised from real Highland Games (like Highland Dancing and tossing the caber). It also serves as a celebration of the Isle of Arran, as visiting Westies from around the world take a tour of its highlights, and Corrie is keen to munch on local produce too.

Kirsty Oxley’s colourful illustrations are spot on at capturing the dogs’ cheeky expressions, and her illustrated alphabet, on the book’s inside covers, is a beautiful touch.

Alison Page, the author of The Westie Fest, based the character of Corrie on her own pet, which may explain how naturally a reader feels affection for the dog and her friends. Alison is also the Isle of Arran’s ambassador for Mary’s Meals and profits from sales of this book are donated to the international school feeding charity.

We think The Westie Fest would be a hit with pre-school and early-primary aged children, and would be ideal for those on holiday in Scotland, or as a gift to bring home for a child after a visit here.

Roaring Reads’ Junior Reviewer (age 4) says: “I liked it when Corrie’s owner went walkies and she pretended she was asleep. It was funny when the dog was wobbling with the caber and I liked it when Hamish ate the haggis balls. I really do like her having a medal. Corrie was a bit cute. If I met her I would like to stroke her.”

Corrie’s Capers: The Westie Fest, by Alison Page, illustrated by Kirsty Oxley

  • Because we received a review copy of this book, we have made a donation of £6.99 to Mary’s Meals, so a hungry child will receive a meal a day in school for six months. Read here to find out how this works.

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