Review: The Goose Road

gooseroad150Set in First World War France, The Goose Road, was one of the most affecting children’s books I read last year.

It tells the story of a young girl’s remarkable journey across France with her family’s treasured flock of Toulouse geese, which she hopes she will be able to sell at a profit in order to save their home and farm.

From the start, Angélique is an outsider, living with the fear of losing the very little she has, and every step of her journey seems to reduce her chances of success – but she takes on the odds regardless, and is so plucky that you cannot help but root for her.

The Goose Road offers a unique perspective on a child’s life in First World War France. Every scene feels sharply real, and the story celebrates the beauty and humanity that Angélique finds as readily as it faces the tension of living through conflict.

This is a memorable book with plenty of action, and a treasure that young readers shouldn’t keep to themselves – any adult historical fiction fan will enjoy it too.

The Goose Road, by Rowena House (Walker)

Roaring Reads normally reviews Scottish children’s books, but we’re making an exception this month to take part in #kidbookbingo – an initiative on twitter encouraging readers to write more reviews (on review sites like amazon and goodreads as well as blogs) and to celebrate fantastic recently-published children’s books.

It’s a great idea, because it helps to make a noise about some wonderful stories by gifted writers who can battle for shelf space alongside celebrity authors, and it has already given us some welcome ideas for what to read next.

Do keep an eye on #kidbookbingo throughout April for more reading recommendations – and why not get involved and write a review too?

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