Review: The Queen of the Birds

This striking picture book delivers so much in just a few pages. It is a celebration of, and a lesson in, the world’s incredible bird species, it is packed with rich and vibrant illustrations, and it tells a lyrical story that feels both fresh and as familiar as a folk tale. 

When a storm disrupts the world as they know it, the birds seek a new king. Among many candidates, little wren seems unlikely — she’s neither the most colourful, nor the fastest, nor can she fly the highest. But, as Eagle looks set to unfairly take control, the clever little bird puts her own plan into action. 

The Queen of the Birds is the second enchanting collaboration for Karine Polwart and Kate Leiper. It shares the charm and beauty of A Wee Bird was Watching (a story about how the robin got its red breast) and adds an element of education about our living treasures, ensuring that it stands out even more.

The Queen of the Birds, by Karine Polwart and Kate Leiper (BC Books/Birlinn)

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