Review: The Fairy in the Kettle

There may be plenty of picture books about fairies, but it still isn’t easy finding stories that have that special something that makes little readers go “ooh!” The Fairy in the Kettle, by Pauline Tait, is one of few with the sprinkling of magic dust that we hope for. 

Leona Rose is different from the other fairies – while they live inside flowers, she chooses to make her home in a cast iron kettle, dancing to the music of raindrops on her roof. The other fairies aren’t convinced by Leona’s noisy home – but when a terrible storm hits Bramble Glen, they begin to change their minds.

Our little readers were enchanted by this story and delighted with Debbie Bellaby’s graceful illustrations – especially Leona’s fuchsia dress and the detail of the inside of the kettle. Leona is a loveable character with an infectious sense of fun, and her gentle adventure is just the right fit for a cosy bedtime read.

The Fairy in the Kettle is the first in a series of Leona Rose adventures (the new edition is just out) with the fourth and final book, The Fairy in the Kettle has Pixie Trouble, coming next year. We’re looking forward to finding out what she and her winged friends get up to next. 

The Fairy in the Kettle, by Pauline Tait, illustrated by Debbie Bellaby

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