Review: I’m not Cute, I’m Dangerous

Fifi is different from other crocodiles. She’s cute and fluffy, and even though she sharpens her teeth twice a day, her cuddly appearance means that no one takes her seriously.

Fed up with teasing from her sisters, Fifi sets out to prove that she can be just as dangerous as them — but things don’t quite go to plan. 

This funny, eye-catching picture book has gone straight to the top of our bedtime reading pile. Written by Borders-based debut author Bruna de Luca, its catchy refrains (“Cutesy-wootsy, Cuddly wuddly”) are perfect for joining in with, and Fifi is a new favourite character — she may be adorable, but she’s also smart and very determined. 

We loved Benedetta Capriotti’s bright and busy illustrations, especially of Fifi’s scary shadow, and enjoyed the fact that the story not only celebrates accepting yourself for who you are, but revels in it. 

The clever ending left us wondering… and will bring us back to read it again and again.

I’m not Cute, I’m Dangerous, by Bruna De Luca and Benedetta Capriotti (Maverick)

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