Review: A Dragon Story

Everyone knows that stories about dragons always end badly. Everyone, that is, except Pip, a little girl, and Turmeric, a wonderfully-named young dragon, who refuse to accept the received wisdom. When Pip and Turmeric’s paths cross, they set out to create their own ending – but what will it be?

This debut picture book, from author-illustrator Madeline Pinkerton, is a joyful celebration of unconventional stories and friendships. It is witty, warm and great fun to read out loud, with characters (even the spiky-tailed ones) that you want to cheer for.

We enjoyed the bright, expressive illustrations (especially the one of all the worried parents) and the fact there was always plenty going on for eagle-eyed little readers to spot – and the action kept us guessing until the end.

A Dragon Story reminds little readers that its OK to follow your own path and do things differently sometimes. A lovely message, delivered with enchanting style.

A Dragon Story, by Madeline Pinkerton (Litttle Door Books). Out July 30th

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