Review: Pinkie and Boo!

A delightful story that perfectly captures the spirit of a disgruntled pre-schooler, Pinkie and Boo is a fresh and fun reinvention of an enduring picture book theme.

Pinkie is the littlest in her family. Even her name (like the titchiest finger) proves it, so she sees the arrival of a new baby brother as a disaster on a par with being carried off by evil seagulls. She’s not easily mollified by the gift of a toy monkey either – until Boo, the monkey, starts to talk and becomes a confidante and partner in crime.

Together, the pair hatch plans to win Pinkie’s parents’ affection, but instead get themselves into deeper trouble and more madcap mess.

We loved watching this little character wrestle big emotions and bigger ideas, and particularly enjoyed the gentle wit of Frances Martin’s illustrations (especially the facial expressions and the sunglasses). As long-time fans of Chae Strathie’s rhyming classics Gorilla Loves Vanilla and Jumblebum, we had hoped for chuckles and zaniness – and were not disappointed.

A portrait of a chaotic, loving family, Pinkie and Boo is packed with moments that will resonate with frazzled parents every bit as much as their energetic little ones. In fact, the only thing we didn’t like about this book was the fact that Pinkie’s house (crayon on the wall, ketchup on the floor, flowers plucked too soon) looks disturbingly like our own.

Review: Pinkie and Boo, by Chae Strathie and Francis Martin (Little Door) Out May 28th

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