Review: It’s a No Money Day

No Money Day 150This is a remarkable book that draws attention to a bleak situation, yet still resonates with kindness, love, and even a little fun.

A child’s experience of visiting a food bank might not be the most obvious topic for a picture book, but – though we might wish otherwise – it is a relevant and important one, and throughout Its a No Money Day, Kate Milner explores this with sensitivity and skill.

Told in the child’s voice, the story joins a mother and her pre-schooler for a day on which their money has run out. They keep themselves entertained with games, a trying on session at a charity shop, and a necessary visit to a food bank.

Through few words and beautifully evocative pictures, we learn about both the child’s experiences and the constant sacrifices Mum makes to protect her little one and to get them both through the day.

This powerful story will have an impact on its adult readers as well as younger ones, reminding us all how difficult survival today can be. It concludes with a positive message about helping others, but the darker issues raised also echo long after the last page too.

It’s a No Money Day, by Kate Milner (Barrington Stoke)

It’s a No Money Day encourages readers to support food banks. As a thank you for our review copy, we have made a donation to the Trussell Trust.

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