Review: the Girl who Stole the Stars

A picture book with both sparkle and heart, The Girl who Stole the Stars is the debut from Highland author-illustrator Corrina Campbell.

When a little girl’s wish for a magical ladder comes true, she uses it to reach all the way to the stars. She takes one star, and then another, and another, until all the brightness disappears from the night sky – causing a big problem for Santa.

This story has a lovely, gentle message (that all actions have consequences) and we loved the magical setting and imaginative illustrations, especially of the sad little stars losing their glow.

Though it’s not over-poweringly Christmassy, the festive theme would make this a lovely Christmas present for young children, and it would be a perfect Christmas Eve bedtime read.

This delightful debut has proved Corrina Campbell a talent to watch, and we’re looking forward to seeing what she creates next.

The Girl Who Stole the Stars, by Corrina Campbell (Little Door Books)

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