Review: Sharky McShark

A bright and funny book about an unexpected friendship, Sharky McShark and the Teensy Wee Crab was a big hit in our cetacean-loving household.

Sharky is a fearsome shark (with particularly fearsome eyebrows) who scares everyone in her path, and rejects thew few who dare to approach, until she finds herself in a terrifying situation without a friend to help her – or so she fears.

We loved the bold, atmospheric illustrations and there was plenty to giggle at here, especially in the fishy puns. What will stay with us though, is the book’s lovely message about bravery – a reminder that what may come naturally to some, takes immense courage for someone else.

Sharky McShark and the Teensy Wee Crab, by Alison Murray (Hachette)

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