Review: Snooze – a helpful guide for sleepy owls

The Roaring Reads gang definitely have room for improvement when it comes to bedtime, so we were looking forward to trying out Eilidh Muldoon’s new picture book, Snooze, to find out if this ‘helpful guide for sleepy owls’ might have some hints to help us drift off.

Snooze features a wide-eyed owl, whose efforts to get a good night’s sleep don’t go to plan. While the text has the relaxing tone of a mindfulness or self-help guide, the pictures tell an altogether livelier story, as the owl’s attempts to get some rest are repeatedly thwarted by his companions.

This book was far too much fun to send us off to dreamland, but we loved honking along with the geese, crowing with the cockerel and caterwauling with the cats and dogs, and we really felt for the adorable owl as his sleepy eyes got tireder and tireder.

There’s nothing dozy about Snooze – it’s witty and warm and full of delightful characters and visual details. A perfect story to snuggle up to – even if it won’t send you to sleep.

Snooze: a helpful guide for sleepy owls, by Eilidh Muldoon (Little Door Books)

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