Review: Sequin and Stitch

Sequin is bursting with pride in her mum, a seamstress whose work is worn by some of the world’s biggest stars, so she is delighted when her mum is asked to make a wedding dress for a princess.

But with the honour comes pressure, as mum focuses her efforts on the gown, leaving Sequin to entertain her beloved baby brother, Stitch.

As snooty stylists traipse into their normally-quiet twelfth-floor flat, anxiety levels rise for mother and daughter, and the strain begins to show. It takes a disaster to remind the little family what matters most.

While both mother and daughter battle private challenges, the strength of their bond is like a silver thread that pulls everything together – and makes sure, eventually, that it sparkles.

We’ve never read anything quite like Sequin and Stitch. Laura Dockrill has woven a story that blends a fairytale premise with a reality that is anything but – and that works brilliantly. It is a warm, surprising and clever gem of a book and we recommend it very highly!

Sequin and Stitch, by Laura Dockrill, Barrington Stoke

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