Review: the Baby Otter Rescue

Baby Otter Rescue 150We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this book, the second in Michelle Sloan’s Animal Adventure Club series, which follows a quartet of wildlife-loving children and their exploits helping out at the local nature reserve.

In The Baby Otter Rescue, floods are causing upheaval around Pittendooey and changing everyone’s plans, but it is still a shock to Isla MacLeod when she’s woken up by the cries of a distressed otter cub.

It will take commitment from the whole team to care for the little orphan until the floods subside – and there’s more drama ahead, as they discover that the cub isn’t the only creature put in peril by the fast-moving water.

This is an engaging and informative story, with plenty of ‘aww’ moments – who wouldn’t love to bottle-feed a baby otter? With their passion for the environment, and tendency to rushing headlong into adventure, the characters are just the sort the young readers in our house want to spend more time with.

You know a series has got the family hooked when you turn the last page and the question that follows is: “When’s the next one out?”

Animal Adventure Club: the Baby Otter Rescue, by Michelle Sloan (Floris)

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