Review: Sticker Atlas of Scotland

Sticker Atlast 150The Roaring Reads gang are long-time fans of sticker books, so we were keen to get started on Benedict Blathwayt’s Sticker Atlas of Scotland, which proved an ideal next step for a slightly older child who still enjoys that format.

The idea is to attach each sticker, which pictures a highlight of the region, to the correct page and place on the map. As well as hours of activity, it’s a great learning tool and lovely to look at – each one of Benedict Blathwayt’s colourful sticker is a mini work of art.

Sticker Book usingScotland has so many highlights that it can’t have been easy to decide which to feature, but we found a good balance of wildlife, heritage and tourism, and a mixture of the iconic and the less well known. Our favourites were the stickers of The Kelpies, osprey and otters.

A great gift for young visitors to Scotland (who could complete a page at the end of a day out) as well as for those who love exploring the sights close to home.

Benedict Blathwayt’s The Sticker Atlas of Scotland (BC Books for Kids)

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