Review: Eagle Warrior

Eagle Warrior 150Bobbie and her Granny share a love of the hills and the wildlife that surround their family farm, so they are thrilled when a golden eagle appears nearby.

However, their enthusiasm is not shared by the local Duke and his gamekeeper, who see the eagles as a threat to the estate’s income. When Granny’s dog, Haggis, is poisoned with meat that she is sure was intended to kill the bird, Bobbie resolves to prove who is to blame and put a stop to their violence.

There are plenty of parallels between the events in Eagle Warrior and current news coverage about raptor persecution on grouse moors, but Gill Lewis’ story brings a clarity and passion that is missing from the reportage, reminding us of the fierce beauty of this wild creature, and the magnitude of the loss if we cannot protect it.

In tandem with the conservation battle, Bobbie is wrestling with the question of her own future, on which her outdoor-loving Granny and her academic-leaning great-Uncle Fraser vehemently disagree. She tackles each challenges with tenacity, and her character is a reminder to readers that, no matter how young you are, you can take control and change the course of events for yourself.

Eagle Warrior, by Gill Lewis (Barrington Stoke)

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