Review: Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Dreadful Dragon

Thorfinn Dreadful Dragon 150Thorfinn is different from other Vikings. He’s polite, charming and loves glitter – characteristics that his smelly, battle-hardened contemporaries find rather unsettling.

This is the seventh story in David MacPhail’s successful series, and sees chief’s son Thorfinn, and his crew, head to Shetland to compete in the Great Fire Festival, where they seem destined to lose not only their dignity, but their entire village too. Only something spectacular can save the day – and it’s up to Thorfinn to arrange it.

Thorfinn’s hapless companions provide slapstick humour from the outset – especially Oswald, the (not particularly wise) wise man, and Gertrude the Grotty, the ship’s cook. There is plenty of drama, especially as they face Hazel, the hungry, sneezing dragon whose hissssing converssssation is just one reason she is the star of this story.

Thorfinn and the Dreadful Dragon is funny and adventure filled, and would be particularly enjoyed by newly-independent readers. While it’s sure to be a hit with existing fans, it also works well as a stand-alone. An extra thumbs up for the Viking name generator and other Viking-themed activities at the back.

Thorfinn, the Nicest Viking and the Dreadful Dragon, by David MacPhail (Kelpies)

  • Because we received a review copy of this book, we have made a donation of £5.99 to Mary’s Meals, so a hungry child will receive a meal a day in school for six months. Read here to find out how this works.


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