Review: Haki the Shetland Pony (re-release)

haki resizedFirst published in 1968, this Kathleen Fidler classic shows that the ingredients of a captivating children’s story have changed very little.

Adam Cromarty is a young Shetlander who forms a special bond with newborn pony, Haki. From the first sugar lump, to setting off together for a mainland adventure, the duo are inseparable – and Adam’s determination to put his pony’s welfare first makes him especially endearing.

While there are elements of the book that date it – descriptions are more detailed and the plot less fast-paced than modern fare – these are also part of its charm. We really get to know the characters before they gallop into the circus ring for the action-packed second act.

Fidler’s human and historical observations remain enlightening, and her understanding of the dilemma faced by a young islander torn between home, and adventure is as pertinent today as ever.

Haki the Shetland Pony, by Kathleen Fidler, Kelpies

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