Junior Review: The Baby Deer Rescue

Baby Deer resizedAudio Review: Heather, aged 6, has been reading The Baby Deer Rescue, from the new Animal Adventure Club series, by Michelle Sloan (aged 5+). Click here for her report

The Baby Deer Rescue is the first in the new Animal Adventure Club series by Michelle Sloan. It follows Isla, Gracie, Buzz and Lexi, members of the ‘Animal Adventure Club’ at Pittendooey nature reserve, who work together to rescue an injured fawn and protect it as it recovers.

This was the first book that Heather read from start to finish completely by herself, so she insisted on doing the review (see above).

Mum’s note:  We are both excited to have found a Scottish book that’s perfect for children embarking on their first independent reading journey. The story is exciting, and its great to have a outdoor setting and caring characters who feel familiar.

Crucially, Hannah George’s pictures are lovely and plentiful, and the language and pace of the story are comfortably manageable for newer readers.

The first books we read independently are such important springboards and there simply aren’t enough great stories that give our youngest readers the confidence-boosting experience that this one does. Hurry up with Book 2 (The Baby Otter Rescue) please!


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