Review: Chatterbox Champions

Activity cards with a focus on the ‘active’, Chatterbox Champions are packed with quick ideas to keep the little ones engaged and to help develop their vocabulary, listening and pre-reading skills.

Chatterbox Champions
Chatterbox Champions Cards

We received this set before we knew that the coronavirus crisis would keep us at home, and have had fun using the cards both before quarantine, and during it.

On each cheery card a cartoon figure introduces a letter and a word (e.g. Q is for Quiz, and F is for Funny) on one side, and suggests an activity – and conversation starters linked to it – on the other. Our favourites included J is for Jungle (which asked children to draw and compare slithery snakes) and X marks the spot (which asked them to follow directions to find a hidden ‘X’).

Though they do reinforce alphabet sounds, Chatterbox Champions are more layered than conventional A-Z flashcards, and use the sounds as a starting point for fun-to-do exercises which develop communication skills, rather than phonics drilling.

As a parent trying to home-school early-primary aged children this spring, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with the volume of web-based resources there are to choose between, and it’s been great to have something offline that I could just pick up and use without much planning or equipment.

Find out more about Chatterbox Champions packs, including a special offer for free resources while schools are closed, at


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